John Kiapos, Founder & CEO

John Kiapos has successfully served at the helm of the following companies over the last 40 years: Omega Shoe Polish Company, Micro Amusement Corporation (founder and chief multimedia author), Button Art Studios (inventor and patent holder of proprietary technologies), Reel Gems Pictures, Maiden Voyage Productions, La Tuna Movie Ranch, and Gaia La Tuna.

Athena Kiapos, Vice President of International Sales

Athena Kiapos has her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology as a graduate of Marymount University. Her skills include social media management, developing sales and marketing strategies, designing and implementing Standard Operating Procedures for sales and manufacturing companies. She has built and managed a successful multi-level marketing company.

Lisa Silhanek, Account Executive

Lisa Silhanek has extensive experience in the beauty, and health and wellness arenas, with extensive skills in communications and branding. She is a valuable member of the Omega Botanicals team.

Omega Botanicals
provides the finest
Egyptian Oil Distillates
for health, wellness,
and aromatics,
utilizing an
ancient process of
cold distillation
preserving all of
the energetic essence,
the "CHI",
of the natural properties
in the individual plants.

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