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1. Lotus Flower (SF)
2. Papyrus (SF)
3. Rose (SF)
4. Jasmine (SF)
5. Green Apple (SF)
6. Strawberry (SF)
7. Peach (SF)
8. Lavender (SF)
9. Mint (SF)
10. Narcissus (SF)
11. Gardenia (SF)
12. Lilac (SF)
13. Violet (SF)
14. Heliotrope (SF)
15. Carnation (SF)
16. Lily of the Valley (SF)
17. Orange Blossom (SF)
18. Lemon (SF)


19. Key of Life (BL)
20. Tut Ankh Amoun (BL)
21. Queen Hatshipsot (BL)
22. Arabian Night (BL)
23. Omar Khayam (BL)
24. Christmas Night (BL)
25. Queen Cleopatra (BL)
26. Five Secrets (BL)
27. Osiris (BL)
28. Shaharizad (BL)
29. Secrets of the Desert (BL)
30. Queen of Egypt (BL)
31. Aida (BL)
32. Harem Perfumes (BL)
33. Nerfertity (BL)
34. Ramses II (BL)
35. Isis (BL)
36. Alaa El Din (BL)
37. Amon Raa (BL)
38. Akhnaton (BL)


39. Royal Amber (SS)
40. Amber Kashmir (SS)
41. Antique Amber (SS)
42. Red Musk (SS)
43. White Musk (SS)
44. Sandalwood (SS)
45. Frankincense (SS)
46. Myrrh (SS)
47. Narwatsu (SS)
48. Almond Oil (SS)
49. Black Seed Oil (SS)
50. Wheat Germ Oil (SS)
51. Lupin Oil (SS)
52. Watercress Oil (SS)
53. Jojoba Oil (SS)
54. Aragon Oil (SS)
55. Bergamot (SS)


1. Sesame Seed Oil
2. Marjoram
3. Oregano
4. Basil
5. Cypress
6. Cedarwood
7. Helichrysum
8. Coriander
9. Chamomile
10. Clove
11. Melaleuca
12. Sage
13. Nutmeg
14. Cinnamon Bark
15. Ginger
16. Fennel
17. Tarragon
18. Juniper
19. Lemongrass
20. Patchouli
21. Anise
22. Pine
23. Lime
24. Thyme
25. Geranium
26. Grapefruit
27. Avacado
28. Cayenne Pepper
29. Cumin
30. Eucalyptus Radiata
31. Tumeric
32. White Angelica
33. Coconut Oil
34. Grapeseed Oil



For relaxation, put a few drops with water in diffuser.
For headache, massage 2 drops into temples and scalp.
For clothes, add drops to your washing machine load.

Peppermint (Mint):

For head or chest cold, coughing, sore throat, or snoring, add 5 drops to hot water and inhale.
To aid in quitting smoking, rub a drop around nostrils.

Lily of the Valley:

For hair loss or dandruff, mix 15 drops in water and massage into scalp.


For dry skin, mix equal parts with Lavender and massage into dry skin.
For back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and sore knees, mix 10 drops of Sandalwood with Mint and massage into problem area until you feel the heat. Best to treat 3 times per week in the evenings.

Sandalwood and Mint will also accelerate fat burning and weight loss by massaging into fatty areas on the body.

Blackseed Oil:

For diabetes and cholesterol, mix 3 drops in water and drink. Avoid drinking coffee for at least 45 minutes afterwards for best results.

Sandalwood Oil with Rose Oil helps in lightening the skin and softening the face.

Sandalwood Oil with Almond Oil helps soften the face, delaying the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging.

Sandalwood Oil with Wheat Germ Oil is beneficial because wheat germ oil houses massive quantities of omega 3 fatty acids, which regulate metabolism and lipid breakdown, absorption in the body.

How to use it?

Gently massage into your face, particularly at the outer corners of the eyes and neck. Make this massage a daily skincare routine. You only need to use several drops of oil and apply it regularly on fine wrinkles and sagging areas of the skin.
Apply as a mask on your face (but don't put it on or around your eyes because the skin around your eyes is more sensitive).
Leave the mask on your face for 15 minutes then wash with warm water and clean with a dry towel to close the pores
This face masks will to remove your wrinkles, Pimples, Freckles, Blackhead, Black spots, and Acne.

Moisturizing for dry face - Anti-aging Face and Body Oils:

Sandalwood Oil with Rose Oil helps in lightening the skin and softening the face

Sandalwood Oil with Almond Oil helps soften the face, delaying the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging

Sandalwood Oil with Wheat Germ Oil. Wheat germ oil contains massive quantities of omega 3 fatty acids, which regulate metabolism and lipid breakdown and absorption in the body

Rose Oil is famous for its ability to moisturize the skin and maintain its elasticity, and it has been used for thousands of years in cosmetics aimed at reducing wrinkles. It contains anti-aging agents as well as calms irritated skin, leaving behind a fresh scent. For at least half an hour, let the skin absorb the rejuvenating benefits of this oil for skin cells. When it comes to strengthening the skin, avoiding the manifestations of stress, and reducing the signs of aging, Rose Oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, and has a tremendous ability to tighten the skin, enhance its elasticity, and give it softness and beauty.

Each skin has its own oils

Choose the best oil for you according to your skin type, in the following guide, ways to choose the right oils:

 Oily Skin

Oily skin is one of the most prone to blackheads and pimples, due to the excessive activity in the secretion of natural oils. Therefore, it is recommended to use oils with effective properties in regulating oil secretion.

Jojoba oil: It is a wonderful treatment for oily skin, as it limits the secretion of oils and shrinks the pores, because it contains antioxidants and vitamin E.

 Dry skin

Oils rich in oleic acid are suitable for dry skin, especially with age, because it penetrates deeply and provides the skin with the necessary moisture.

Almond oil: moisturizes the skin and protects it from dryness, as it is rich in vitamin A, which eliminates fine lines.

 Normal Skin

Normal skin is suitable for all types of natural oils.

Rose oil: Among the oils that are most moisturizing, it also helps in the production of collagen, thus fighting wrinkles.

 Sensitive Skin

Is best suited for oils with a gentle and soothing texture, which act as a protective barrier against irritation.
Rich in anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, it is considered a natural anti-bacterial and astringent.

How to use oils for the face:

To enhance the penetration of the properties of oils into the skin, put two to three drops of the oil in the palm of the palm, and rub it well. Then, spread the oil on your face and massage it in gently using your fingertips, in smooth circular motions upward and outward. Start from the center of the forehead to the cheeks, then the rest of the face and neck areas, taking care to pat the area around the eyes, not rub it. The duration of the massage should take a minute, so that the oil is completely absorbed by the skin, and to prevent the formation of an oily layer on its surface.

Face massage method:

Wipe the skin of your body well with a cotton towel moistened with warm water. Then, apply the oil to the entire skin, massaging it in gentle circular motions for 5 minutes continuously. Rinse later with warm water.

Body oils for firming and fragrant skin:

 Wheat Germ Oil:
One of the best essential oils, it treats cellulite, tightens the skin, and prevents the appearance of unwanted lines. It also perfumes the body and promotes relaxation.

 Almond oil: It is characterized by its effective anti-bacterial properties, and its ability to get rid of wrinkles.

 Rose oil: protects skin cells from damage after direct exposure to sunlight, due to its richness in vitamin C.

 Sandalwood oil: moisturizes the skin, and frees the skin from stretch marks, sagging, and wrinkles.

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